Is it perfect? We selected it from 16 designs by designers from New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, USA, Turkey as well as China. It is really happy to see a logo that can show what we do and what we believe although it takes us much time and money.  

In this logo, you can see “Joylife” as the main body which represents our company “JOYLIFE INNOVATIONS LIMITED”. It also tells people what we do—-Make Life Much Joy with Our Products. We are professional supplier for innovative health care products. We will deliver joy to the world. The color of “Joylife” is special, if you look carefully, you will find it is deep green at the bottom and light green on the top, just like a vibrant growing tree which indicates our business keep growing. Green is also a color for “LIFE”, perfect for our company. Now comes to the tag line “Innovations for life”, it is paronomasia here. On one hand, it means we supply “Innovative products to improve life quality”. On the other hand, it indicates we supply “innovative products which can be used for life (very long time). They are of great quality.” All this represents by the SUN icon on the top. It is a sun to JOYLIFE (growing tree). We firmly believe our business can keep growing with innovative products of great quality.  

Whatever we do, we do our best. Are we a supplier for innovative health care products you want to cooperate with? Contact us at and deliver joy to the world together.


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